Chiropractic Patient Forms and Chiropractic Paperwork Documentation

Most chiropractic office forms are a mish-mash of skimpy photocopies. Or something created out of frustration, unaware of the specific reporting obligations expected by Medicare and insurance carriers.

Since checks keep showing up in the mail, you figure all was well. Think again.

Chiropractic Paperwork That Forms a System

The Chiropractic Paperwork Project is a unique collaboration between Kathy Mills Chang and Bill Esteb. It systematically takes you through an entire episode of patient care, from patient intake history and examination forms to daily chiropractic SOAP notes and discharge and on to wellness care.

Here's why you need to implement these paper forms and why at $595 they're a bargain:

#1: Avoid Travel Card Risks and Hazards

You just can't collect the information that insurance carriers expect these days on a typical multi-visit chiropractic travel card. Can't be done. You may be getting paid, but it doesn't mean you'll get to keep the money. Enjoy peace of mind by upgrading to an integrated paperwork system created by experts.


#2: End Medical Necessity Denials

If you haven't conducted the proper assessments and properly documented them, you can't objectively prove your chiropractic care plan is making functional improvements. (Pain relief simply isn't enough.) Put an end to unpredictable claims cutting by having the necessary proof.

#3: Pass Post-Review Audits With Ease

Your files will be the subject of a post-review audit. Chances are they already have. It's not surprising that these commissioned auditors find something amiss. When using this chiropractic documentation system, you're getting over 100 years of examination, documentation and coding experience. Pass audits with confidence!

#4: Don't Be Seduced by the $44,000 Rebate

An EMR is not mandatory. But proper documentation is. If you haven't mastered proper chiropractic notes on paper, configuring what you get from a software vendor will be painful and time consuming. Maybe even making you less compliant. Get it right on paper first.

#5 Get Paid Every Penny You Deserve

Do you hope to avoid scrutiny by down coding? This lack of coding confidence is expensive. (Your purchase comes with access to training videos for you and your team.) Some have observed that after upgrading to our documentation system their increased reimbursement paid for their customized forms in less than a week!

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Free Chiropractic Forms

A refresher course for some, and an eye-opening connect-the-dots experience for others, your chiro forms purchase comes with access to a private curriculum of instructional videos to train you and your team in the optimal use of each form. Not ready to buy? Download two free chiropractic forms as our thanks for stopping by.