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Paperwork Diagnosis Forms

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Finally, chiropractic codes in an accurate, up-to-date and easy-to-use list. Here are the ICD-9 Codes most commonly used in day-to-day chiropractic practice. These codes are divided by tissue type and area of the spine, making it a breeze to link the patient’s treatment plan to your diagnosis.

Getting the Chiropractic Diagnosis Correct

Using the most appropriate codes for your chiropractic diagnosis is essential. Mistakes here not only impair your ability to get reimbursed for your care, repeatedly using the wrong codes can lead to questions from your state board.

Getting this right is one of your fundamental duties as a chiropractor. Errors or omissions can lead to malpractice and even litigation. Even if you have a cash practice, sloppy reporting methods will cost you both time and money.

Thankfully, the Chiropractic Paperwork System simplifies your professional obligation.

Coordinates With the Other Forms

The Chiropractic Diagnosis Form links your diagnosis to the other forms that document each patient’s episode of care. You’ll effortlessly show a beginning, middle and an end to an episode of care.

Of course, using these chiropractic diagnostic codes doesn’t guarantee reimbursement. However, using an integrated documentation System coordinates all the elements into a cohesive, airtight case. You’re probably delivering many services for which you’re not billing (and collecting). Changing that begins by using the appropriate codes.

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With a complete diagnosis, it’s time to construct a sensible treatment plan.