April 2017

April 2017

The Writing on the Wall

We’ve known this for quite some time. The proverbial writing has been on the wall. Third party payers, with Medicare taking the lead, have been telling chiropractors to step up their documentation. Some studies have shown over a 90% failure rate in documentation reviews. This boils down to one thing…. money. If your documentation does not tell the complete story, you have not justified your right to be paid by the patient’s insurance carrier. It’s that simple.

Who is most at risk? Outliers. You might be an outlier if you are someone who tends to use certain billing codes too often or for too long a period of time. You might be an outlier for simply adjusting the full spine. Make the effort to understand how your choices for coding and documentation work together to tell a story. It is the outcomes of these stories that will affect the quality of your reimbursement and how hard you might need to work after the fact to justify your payment.

Gone are the days when doctors could toss CMS-1500 forms into the air expecting it to rain money. Paint a better picture by becoming a better storyteller with proper coding and documentation.

Best Intake in the Profession

Love your documentation software? Great! But optimum reimbursement and your ability to justify being paid begin with a thorough patient intake form. Like the one offered by The Paperwork Project.

This four-page patient-facing form captures the essential meaningful use data, can record up to three admitting complaints, systems of the body and activities for daily living the form the essential baseline for your subsequent treatment plan and daily notes.

With a separate document for recording your notes during your consultation, this is the way to properly set the stage for each new patient’s episode of care and lay the groundwork necessary to justify being paid.

Not wild about hunting for codes, remembering macros and having your back to the patient while documenting your care? Consider our integrated paperwork system that takes patients from intake, exam, treatment plan, daily notes, reevaluation, dismissal and on to the minimum daily note for maintenance care. Use the discount code PEARL100 at checkout when purchasing the entire system.