Chiropractic Discharge Form

What goes up must come down, and what has a beginning must have an ending. Same here. Probably one of the biggest blunders chiropractors make is failing to close an episode of care, morphing the patient into some form of maintenance or wellness care without "closing the door."

What You Start You Must Finish

Many chiropractors, especially those who see regular chiropractic care as a long-term lifestyle adjunct to enhance overall health and well-being, are often unwilling to formally discharge the patient from active symptomatic care, ending an insurance company's financial responsibility. This is one of the more common audit triggers.

Most third party payers have little patience for chiropractors who take this path, even calling into question his or her original care recommendations!

Use this Discharge Summary Form to complete the circle and close the episode you originally opened.

Their Care is Done, But Not Over

This form indicates that a patient’s episode of care is complete, and which of the original functional goals have been achieved. Then, based on your clinical recommendations, the patient transitions into some type of ongoing supportive care. However, in most instances, the obligation of most insurance carriers is complete. (Remember, patients are either in an active care episode or under maintenance care—there's no in between!)

The Discharge Summary Form makes it official. Should the patient have a new or recurring episode, the process begins again. Simple.

Learn more about the importance of a proper discharge by reading "Wheel of Fortune - Part 8."

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Now it's time to take appropriate notes during the maintenance phase of their care.