EMR Chiropractic Electronic Medical Records

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding the government’s healthcare stimulus package and the implementation of chiropractic Electronic Medical Records. Before you get seduced by the money grab and the promise of up to a $44,000 EMR government incentive to entice you to migrate to a software solution, step back.

Deep breath in. And… exhale.

Chiropractic EMR and the Paperwork Smack Down!

The fact is, if you don’t have a good handle on proper case management and documentation requirements using a paper system, jumping into the rarefied air of a chiropractic EMR is sure to be an unhappy experience.

While an “unusually high level of customizability” may be promoted on websites as an advantage and touted by the commissioned salesperson, without the firsthand mastery of a paper documentation system, you’ll be lost in a sea of optional templates, expensive plug-ins and unclear choices.

With so many permutations, setting up any of the several chiropractic EMR computer-based packages will be distracting, frustrating and devastating to your financial department—and your cash flow.

Is Chiropractic EMR and EHR Software Mandatory?

As we understand the rules, at the moment there is no requirement to get EHR, however there will be a penalty for not submitting electronic claims. These amount to mere pennies--hardly worth the hassle in our opinion. Instead, it would be far more valuable to learn to document without the computer first, since it won't do it for you. That is why this paperwork system is so critical. Even should the electronic software become mandatory in several years, after having mastered a paper system and learned all the nuances of documentation, it will be easier to evaluate the various software solutions. Plus, by then, the prices will likely come down!

The Dark Side of Chiropractic EMR Software

Some justify their EMR investment as a way to speed reimbursement. But they overlook the fact, that if set up incorrectly or used improperly, their software will also speed an audit. Moving to an electronic solution may not protect you from making one or more of the top 10 mistakes that trigger an audit or review.

Will a Chiropractic EMR Benefit Your Practice?

Before you get lost in a sea of initials and a labyrinth of screens and computer upgrades, master your documentation requirements on paper first. The steep learning curve, the technology demands on your practice and the changes to your daily routine that chiropractic EMR software will force, will be considerably easier to accommodate after integrating our Paperwork System into your practice.

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