January 2013

January 2013

Have you been misled?

Some EHR software purveyors dangle the $44,000 incentive, hoping it will seduce you into becoming a customer.

Other vendors focus on the so-called "penalties" for not upgrading to their complicated (and expensive) high-tech solution.

Still others proclaim that you "have to" upgrade to an electronic solution.

Who is correct?

The truth is, there is absolutely no requirement mandated by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid for chiropractors to implement an EHR software solution. Period. Look it up yourself.

Plus, there will be no fines or penalties imposed for not using an EHR system that demonstrates meaningful use. Granted, there will be a minimal "payment adjustment" (reduction) for those not using an EHR system. But it's not a fine or penalty.

Just how much is the reduction? For a typical chiropractic adjustment in 2015, you may lose a whopping 35 cents per adjustment! By 2020? A staggering $1.75. You tell us. Is EHR software worth the hassle?

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