January 2017

January 2017

Tick. Tick. Tick.

When chiropractors lower their guard, many reveal that they feel like they’re sitting on a ticking time bomb. However, an explosives expert can’t help.

What’s ticking is the shortcomings of their documentation. Accompanied by the fear that even a routine audit would require the return of thousands of dollars that have already been spent.

What makes matters worse is that both you and your patients depend on the reimbursement checks. Which are sent with only a cursory review. Thus, getting paid isn’t a validation of your documentation skills.

Resolve to improve your documentation this year with these suggestions:

  1. Become a stronger documentarian. It’s completely possible with training available from KMC University, either in the form of seminars, webinars, downloads and countless helpful articles,
  2. Abandon your expensive documentation software (for a season) and return to an integrated paperwork system that leads you step-by-step through a patient’s episode of care, giving you greater confidence and certainty.

Decide now to face this head on. You can do it. Thousands already have.

Simple, Understandable, Low-Tech… Paper

If you're in love with your electronic documentation software, great! You're the exception. For many, it merely equips them to make costly documentation errors more quickly.

It's easy to get lost in a labyrinth of set up choices and configuration settings.

That’s why many chiropractors have temporarily returned to a paper-based approach offered by chiropracticpaperwork.com.

After using our integrated system (that methodically leads you through each patient’s episode of care), they have a better understanding of proper documentation and greater confidence. Some return to their software solution. Others see little reason to bother.

Review each form and purchase the entire system, personalized for your practice, and save by using the discount code PEARL100 at checkout.