January 2018

January 2018

I Didn’t Learn That in School!

When you were in chiropractic college, did you miss that class on documenting for medical necessity? How about that coursework on coding for maximum reimbursement? Or basically, how about anything at all to do with how to run your business in this highly regulated healthcare environment?

Yes? That’s because there wasn’t much offered, if anything. Chiropractic schools turn out some of the best doctors in the country – healers who excel at holistic care, thorough examinations, and treatment plans with great outcomes. But because time limits curricula, chiropractic education focuses (understandably so) on anatomy, techniques, diagnosis, and treatment. The unfortunate but unavoidable consequence is that most chiropractors never learn about advanced documentation, Medicare, compliance, and the business side of running a practice. This leaves them stranded and confused simply because no one had the time to teach them.

That’s why many doctors come to us under one of three circumstances:

  1. They find themselves in the middle of an audit;
  2. They know someone else who’s in the middle of an audit; or
  3. They’re worried that they are going to be audited.

And with records requests and subsequent audits on the rise, they’re right to be concerned.

Just as you wouldn’t launch into treatment without evaluating the patient, the first thing we recommend when seeking proactive improvement is to evaluate your practice’s current documentation. Here are just a few of the typical things to look for:

  • A pattern of down-coding: It’s just as bad to under-report the actual treatment you provided as to fudge in the other direction.
  • A pattern of up-coding: While you may actually treat all five regions at every visit, it’s unlikely all of that is medically necessary. Even if out of ignorance rather than greed, it’s bad news.
  • Missing information: Whether the date of service or onset is wrong, or the doctor’s signature is missing or incorrect, it’s risky business to rush the process.

Documentation issues, paperwork piles, Medicare rules and regulations, and proper coding are all integral to running a safe and successful practice. It’s time to bring the practice up to speed not only because it brings peace of mind, but it’s the best way we know to increase revenue, decrease risk, and improve the bottom line.

A healthy body functions optimally. A healthy practice does the same.

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