July 2013

July 2013

According to the CCGPP (Council on Chiropractic Guidelines and Practice Parameters), re-evaluations to determine a patient's progress are required every 30 days. From an auditor's perspective, continued care beyond 30 days without a re-evaluation will be denied as not medically necessary.

Timely use of the re-evaluation process is critical. Keep in mind a re-evaluation is coded with an Evaluation and Management code. That means you need to perform a re-history as well as a re-examination and reassess your clinical decision making. This is one reason our Paperwork System includes proper forms for re-history and will assist you in quickly gathering your updated history, typically the weakest link in this process.

Some chiropractors elect to use the re-evaluation process as an educational opportunity. Some have a team member perform a pre-evaluation, gathering important data for the doctor to quantify in the re-exam. Others use the post-re-evaluation opportunity to deliver a re-report of findings to affirm the patient's progress and what remains to reach maximum improvement.

Besides the compliance issue and patient education opportunity, periodic re-evaluations affirm each patient's decision to consult your practice, inspiring them to complete your full recommendations and get the most from their chiropractic care.

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