June 2017

June 2017

Managing Patient Expectations

Do you take your patients on a journey through your plan of care?

For many new patients, that plan may last only as long as your clinical skills, your charisma, or their pocketbook allows. There is usually a clear beginning, but all too often, a poor ending.  What starts with a bang, often ends with a whimper. The patient misses appointments and then eventually stops coming in altogether.

Sound familiar?  How many times did that happen in your office last week?  Last year?

It usually has little to do with their satisfaction with your care, but reflects a lack of leadership surrounding case management and patient expectations. At your report of findings review the way forward:

  • Layout the likely course of their care and preframe the recovery process.
  • Explain that their care plan has an identifiable beginning, middle and end.
  • Ask that they announce their last visit so you can celebrate and close their case.

By eliminating the shame of discontinuing care, you have an opportunity to discuss the value of self-pay wellness care, the likelihood of a relapse and pave the way for a potential reactivation. When you’re unwilling or unable to formally discharge a patient from active symptomatic care, you inadvertently create one of the more common audit triggers.

Why Paper Forms?

If you love your documentation software, great. But ask most chiropractors about their expensive documentation software and high-maintenance computer network and expressions usually turn sour.

Sadly, most software vendors rarely use the computing power of your network to double check your work or provide prompts to maximize your reimbursement or help you avoid an audit. Too bad. Instead, most documentation software expects you to be the expert, you to configure it properly and you to know that you should never do X if you’ve already done Y.

The Paperwork Project is different. We’ve harnessed the intellectual horsepower of documentation and compliance experts to produce a simple, transparent, easy-to-use system that gets you paid every penny you deserve. In fact, many clients report that they paid for their paperwork system within weeks by increasing their reimbursement and avoiding the temptation to down-code.

Review every form and buy online with three affordable purchase plans. At checkout use the discount code PEARL100 to save a hundred bucks.