Paperwork Documentation System
for KMC University Clients

As a valued KMC University client, our new paperwork documentation system is included as part of our relationship.

Click here to acquire the free personalized forms included with your KMC University client membership.

Our chiropractic Paperwork System will do more than make your practice Medicare compliant! It begins with the new patient intake form, and takes you through the examination form, chiropractic diagnosis form, treatment plan form, SOAP notes, progress evaluation, discharge form and ongoing maintenance care. This comprehensive System brings order to your documentation, compliance and coding.

The chiropractic forms that…

  • Supply the essential documentation you need to get paid

  • Reflect the "work flow" and case management Medicare demands

  • Fulfill your obligation as a doctor to document each case

  • Deliver the information expected by insurance carriers and Medicare

  • Are personalized with your logo, practice and doctor detail

A Roadmap For Optimum Chiropractic Care

The system follows the natural flow of a typical episode of patient care. Even if you run a cash practice or are a non-par Medicare practitioner, licensing authorities expect you to thoroughly document your care with these chiropractic forms:

Intake Form - Use this four-page form to collect essential information.

Examination Forms - Use the exam form(s) relevant to the patient's case.

Treatment Plan - Includes all four components required by third parties.

SOAP Notes - Show that your daily care advances your treatment plan.

Progress Evaluation - Updated history for periodic reevaluation or new episode.

Discharge Summary - Ends the current episode of care appropriately.

Maintenance Notes - The essential notetaking for nonsymptomatic visits.