Minimum Daily Note Form

Now that the patient's most obvious symptoms are resolved and the responsibilities of third parties are complete, it's time to offer them the opportunity to continue with some form of maintenance, preventive or wellness care.

But your documentation obligations aren't over!

Use the Minimum Daily Note for Cash and Maintenance Cases

Accommodating three chiropractic wellness visits per page, the Minimum Daily Note Form records the essential clinical details for those showing up on a nonsymptomatic basis. Record their subjective comments. Identify your subluxation findings. Circle the segments you adjusted and schedule their next visit. In just seconds you've documented what you did and why.

In Case of Relapse or New Condition

As patients embrace a "chiropractic lifestyle," rest easy knowing that should they have a relapse or a new condition you have the protocol and Paperwork System in place to initiate another episode of care. Simply use the Chiropractic Reevaluation Forms to take a quick history.

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