May 2017

May 2017

Your Notes Aren’t Just For You

Documentation remains one of the biggest frustrations these days.  We know that keeping complete and compliant notes is essential but we’re all creatures of habit. Often these habits have a way to getting the best of us.

As a result, our documentation can get a bit sloppy.  We tell ourselves “what’s the big deal?  I remember what I do with every patient.”   Some of us resort to a system of shorthand, abbreviations, or other forms of hieroglyphics that even we have trouble deciphering!

Doctors often forget that while their notes equip them to see what was done previously, and assist on knowing what to do today and in the future, the value of their documentation extends further.  It’s equally important to remember that your notes are for others.  They tell your patient’s story.  They establish proof that the tests you ordered and treatment you performed were justified and necessary.  This is critical when some else covers your practice. And is magnified in an audit.

Increased scrutiny is happening nationwide and with increasing frequency. Imagine your files, with each date of service, as seen through the eyes of an auditor.  Imagine how you would feel if your notes were broadcast on a screen in a courtroom for a judge and jury to see.

Your Server Is Down. Now What?

Your computer consultant will be right over. At least that’s what you’re hoping. Wishing.

Suddenly your entire practice is being held hostage by a heartless machine. You’ve never felt so vulnerable.

If you want a more powerful way of practicing, disengage from the high-tech software that has swallowed the profits of so many practices. Yes, it’s entirely legal to go back to low-tech paper forms. They’ll ding you a buck (or so) for the privilege, but in the process you’ll reclaim your practice and your sanity.

Replace your finicky, hard-to-configure software with good, old-fashioned paper forms that lead you through a patient’s episode of care one step at a time. Our integrated paperwork system supplies the details and reassurance that insurance companies are looking for and expect. Save $100 when purchasing the entire system by using the discount code PEARL100 at checkout.