November 2017

November 2017

The 2017 “Compliance Clock” is Ticking

Your practice’s compliance program.  You might prefer listening to nails on a chalk board to dealing with compliance.  And while images of sipping fruity frozen concoctions on a warm tropical beach will likely never be associated with your compliance program, it is a necessity in today’s healthcare environment. 

Since compliance guidelines from the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) and HIPAA have been a reality in healthcare for many years now, it is astonishing the number of practices that still believe that buying a cookie-cutter manual and placing it on a shelf and forgetting about it constitutes compliance. It does NOT.  Equally as challenging are the number of practices that have literally nothing in place at all.   Both situations place your practice at very real and substantial risk.  Not having a compliance program (as opposed to a mere manual) is a requirement for participation in federal plans and Affordable Care Act plans.  Not having a program in place also puts your practice at financial risk.

The team at KMC University has the simplest, more intuitively designed, step-by-step guide to allow doctors and their teams to gain compliance by walking you through the creation of your OIG and HIPAA compliance manuals that reflect the reality of YOUR practice and that you can actually feel good about.  Whether you have nothing in place or it has been years since you opened your compliance manual, KMC University has a solution for you. Check out this webpage for more information or to schedule a demo:  Membership is month-to-month with no contract requirements.

“I get really jazzed about OIG and HIPAA compliance” said no one ever.  Taking steps to implement your program now will save a whole lot of aggravation later and give you peace knowing you have this all nailed down for 2017.