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The entire form package, consisting of 20 individual pages, personalized for your practice and supplied as print-only PDFs is USD $595 (or two payments of $300 or four payments of $160), less any discount code you may have.

If you already use Electronic Medical Record software (or even you don't) and merely want a state-of-the-art Intake Form, it's sold along with the Progress Evaluation Form in both English and Spanish for $195.

We also offer all the Examination Forms as a "kit" for a single payment of $195.

And we also make available the core of our offering that includes the Treatment, Daily (SOAP) Note, Minimum Daily Note (for maintenance and cash) and Discharge Form for $295.

Simply click the Buy Now button above, choose which forms you want and supply your personalization details and we'll get started.

Quickly recoup your one-time investment:

1. Get every penny you deserve by no longer down coding.

2. Easily prove medical necessity and put an end to claims cutting.

3. Enjoy higher levels of reimbursement and greater peace of mind.

While others complain about eroding reimbursement, get your fair share by using a paperwork system that supplies the information carriers want and expect.

Are you leaving money on the table?

Your heart is to serve. But as soon as you file a claim on behalf of a patient, you better use the correct language and supply the right information if you expect to get (and keep) the money. Worse, after all your trouble, you’re probably leaving money on the table. This Paperwork System helps you get every penny you deserve, returning its one-time purchase in a matter of weeks, sometimes days!

How much money would you have to return?

You will be audited. When carriers inspect a sampling of 10-12 files, what will they find? Just because insurance checks keep showing up, doesn’t mean you’re in compliance. While you can’t do anything about the past, you can get it right from now on. Ask any DC who has had to return thousands of dollars. They would have gladly paid far more than the one-time purchase price of $595.

Are your claims regularly cut?

How much money have you lost because a carrier reviewed your records and considered your care not medically necessary? Without key documentation and record keeping, missing from the typical rag-tag, hand-me-down forms, you probably can’t prove “medical necessity” the way carriers demand. Think of your purchase of these chiropractic forms as “insurance insurance.”

Would your documentation stand up to scrutiny?

The Paperwork System is the collaboration of some of the most experienced and reputable experts in chiropractic documentation, compliance and coding. Besides their spotless reputations, what you’re really paying for is their wisdom, experience and intellectual property, which are worth far more than these personalized forms. In fact, you're actually buying peace of mind, not forms!

Buy the Paperwork System today. Simply supply your personalization details and your credit card and better documentation and reimbursement is just around the corner! Questions? Join our mailing list to receive our Paperwork Pearls eNewsletter.