Progress Evaluation and Assessment Form

Periodic evaluations and a thorough chiropractic assessment of each patient’s progress is important for you, patients and any involved third party. Documenting this procedure is an essential part of being accountable to your treatment plan.

Your Chiropractic Assessment and Evaluation

Use this Updated Chiropractic Patient History to record changes in their symptoms and produce a written assessment of the progress of their chiropractic care.

This is a versatile form, ideal for any one or more of the following circumstances:

  • Progress evaluation for the patient’s current chief complaint
  • Newly emerged condition with a currently active patient
  • Maintenance patient with a new or returning health issue
  • Returning patient suffering a relapse or new health issue

The flexibility and ease-of-use of this chiropractic evaluation form simplifies case management.

Your Re-evaluation Proves Medical Necessity

Is your treatment plan working? Insurance companies expect that you’ll prove your value with periodic updates and assessments. Taking a proper history, especially at the re-evaluation, gives you a position of strength as you proactively justify the need for continued chiropractic care.

Hopefully, you're already rigorously conducting progress evaluations. Excellent! This will allow you to gather the most important information and use it to create a bulletproof case, proving continued medical necessity.

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When continued active care is no longer justified, it’s time to discharge them from this episode of care to maintenance care. Overlook this, and you'll fall prey to one of the most common audit triggers.