Records Maintenance Office Policy

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Relief & Wellness Chiropractic, LLC
2122 Healthways Lane, Ste 110
Our Town, State, Zip code
(000) 000-0000

It is the policy of this office to manage our patient health records and Protected Health Information (PHI) according to HIPAA regulations and the relevant laws and regulations of our State governing patient record maintenance, retention, release and destruction.

(Team Member Name) has researched (your state) regulations on (date) regarding state requirements for record maintenance, retention and destruction.

The following are the policy guidelines we follow:

• We create records…(Include a brief paragraph about when records are created, by who and how.)

• We maintain records… (Describe how you store, archive and protect your patient records and relevant documentation.)

• We destroy records…(Explain when you determine that records will be destroyed and the methods that you use.)

This records maintenance, retention and destruction policies are reviewed annually. Last revision (date).


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