Chiropractic SOAP Note Treatment Form

If you prefer helping patients rather than documenting your every move, you’re going to love our chiropractic SOAP Note!

Yes, it’s complete, and at first glance it looks like a lot, but that’s its beauty. We’ve set a middle course between what you want (fast and easy) and what carriers demand (detailed and complete). The result is a simple, but thorough one-page SOAP Note. Both three complaints (shown) and four complaint versions are included in your paperwork forms package.

Are Your SOAP Notes Repetitive? Sparse?

When insurance carriers look for a reason to deny payment, they often start with your visit notes. And for good reason. Many chiropractors begrudge the requirements and their SOAP notes are often sloppy, repetitive or not especially helpful in recording the progress and accountability that insurance carriers justifiably expect from chiropractors. Still using a chiropractic travel card?

The Easy-to-Use Chiropractic SOAP Note

With each new patient, enter their details, admitting complaints and your treatment plan. Once. Then, make enough photocopies of that SOAP Note "master" for the number of visits you'll need to get to their first reevaluation. Then, on each visit you simply fill in the bottom portion describing what you did to advance their progress. Simple!

Save a Tree? Or Save Your Chiropractic Practice?

Are you willing to invest in a full sheet of paper for each patient's visit?

Sure, it's probably more than what you're doing now, but if your notes aren't complete enough, what's the point? In fact, it's the thorough nature of this daily chiropractic SOAP note that sends a powerful signal to commissioned chiropractic auditors that you're on top of your game!

This is why you want to abandon your incomplete travel card for good!

A New Chiropractic SOAP Note: Teaching an Old Dog a New Trick

Those who have used our chiropractic Paperwork System admit that using this SOAP Note was the most difficult aspect of upgrading their chiropractic documentation system. But after three or four days, this initial impression was abandoned as participants were able to thoroughly document each patient's visit in less than two-minutes.

A small price to pay for peace of mind.

Implement a chiropractic documentation System that’s intuitive and easy to use.

  • Meet your documentation obligations required by Medicare and other carriers.
  • Includes patient assessment, doctor assessment, evaluation of treatment effectiveness and other prerequisites.
  • Daily notes that establish medical necessity and justify continued care.
  • Improved legibility of your notes.
  • Access to video training on the use of every form.

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To make sure you’re moving toward the clinical goals you’ve set on the Treatment Plan, you’ll want to conduct periodic Progress Evaluations.