Should You Abandon Your Risky Travel Card?

Back in the day, the use of chiropractic travel cards afforded the chiropractor the fastest and easiest way to keep patient records.

In case you didn't get the memo (or haven't had a post review audit yet), the day of the travel card went by the wayside about the time of the $100 deductible. Imagining that a travel card fulfills your documentation obligations or the requirements of insurance carriers these days is a pipe dream.

In short, if you rely on a chiropractic travel card to record daily visit notes you're living on borrowed time.

Travel Cards and Your Upcoming Audit

You just can't capture the information insurance carriers expect on a typical multi-visit travel card.

Can't be done.

Not possible.

Attempting to document the patient's diagnosis, your objective findings, record your assessment and treatment plan for more than one complaint, while noting the areas you adjusted, plus any therapies, traction, rehab or other procedures you performed on multiple visits on a single piece of paper is a tall order!

Overlooking the detail that Medicare and insurance carriers expect these days may make for quick note taking, but exposes you to shortcomings that not only impair reimbursement but practically invite an audit. And make no mistake. You will likely be audited.

Using a Hand-Me-Down Travel Card?

Many chiropractors choose to ignore this advice because insurance checks continue to show up in their mailbox. But just because they clear the bank doesn't mean you'll get to keep the money. Just ask any chiropractor who has had to return thousands after an audit of a sampling of patient files.

Times have changed. Yet, many chiropractors continue to use the outdated travel card concept. Perhaps your travel card was a hand-me-down from the chiropractor you bought your practice from. Or it has sentimental value because it's the travel card the chiropractor used who inspired you to pursue chiropractic as a career. Either way, if you're using obscure abbreviations, circles and check marks on a form that can accommodate a dozen visits or more, it's time to learn some new documentation habits.

Isn't that the real barrier? Learning a new procedure may be annoying, but it's a critical part of professional development. Especially if you want to work for and get paid by insurance companies.

Introducing the Chiropractic Paperwork Project

The paperwork system described elsewhere on our site is an integrated 18-part system that takes patients from the first visit intake form, examination findings and treatment plan to daily visit SOAP notes, reevaluation and formal dismissal. Each episode of care is fully documented the way Medicare and other carriers expect.

The happy result is:

  • Put an end to under-the-radar "down coding"
  • Better reimbursement for the services you've delivered
  • No more medical necessity denials or claims cutting
  • Passing post-review audits with complete confidence
  • Bullet-proof documentation and record keeping


Review these chiropractic patient forms. Start with our SOAP Note. Yes, it's more detailed than what you're doing now. Yes, it will take a minute more to complete than what you're doing now. And yes, it will require learning some new habits.

Get over it.

Click on the Buy Now link in the upper right corner. Submit your personalization details. And we'll rush you printable PDFs of all the forms and the training videos that make implementation a breeze. Print as many as you wish. Not ready to buy? Join our mailing list to receive helpful information.

Abandon your travel card and become fully compliant today. And sleep better tonight.