Chiropractic Treatment Plan Form

The lack of a complete and cohesive chiropractic treatment plan is probably one of the most common problems revealed during the audit or review process. Thankfully, this chiropractic paperwork documentation system fulfills your obligations.

The result? Fewer delays, fewer requests for missing or additional information, And that means faster reimbursement.

Do You Make This Treatment Plan Error?

If you have the habit of recommending three visits a week for four weeks, followed by two visits a week for the next four weeks, etc., and calling this your treatment plan, you’ll want to rethink this all too common one-size-fits-all approach.

Instead, you’ll establish specific, measurable short- and long-term functional goals for each patient, along with details of each chiropractic treatment you intend to deliver. And this chiropractic Treatment Plan Form guides you every step of the way. Both a three-complaint (shown here) and four-complaint form is included in your system.

Thankfully, you collected the essential Activities of Daily Living on their initial intake form. Between your clinical judgment and your ongoing chiropractic assessments, you’re hitting all the marks that insurance carriers (and Medicare) expect.

Check Boxes and Fill-Ins

This essential form was designed with the busy chiropractor in mind:

  • Your clinical plans are supported by all the other forms in the System
  • Enter your ICD-10 diagnosis in the space provided.
  • Assures you fulfill every requirement of the Treatment Plan process
  • Uses combination of check boxes and written material to personalize and customize for each patient with ease
  • The functional goal-setting and treatment effectiveness measurements meet your Medicare obligations
  • Improves case management and avoids potential accusations of over treatment

Order your set of forms, personalized for your practice today.

You’ll now document the execution of each visit with comprehensive chiropractic SOAP Notes.